Thursday, December 30, 2010

ADRC Data Recovery Software (एडिआरसी डेटा रिकव्हरी सॉफ्टवेअर)

ADRC Data Recovery सॉफ्टवेअर हा विविध डेटा रिकव्हरी सॉफ्टवेअरचा संच असून तो इंस्टॉल केल्यावर तुम्हाला वेगवेगळी टुल्स वापरायला मिळतात. ADRC Data Recovery चे Undelete (अनडिलीट) हे टुल वापरुन चुकुन डिलीट झालेल्या फाईल्स तुम्ही परत मिळवू शकता तर याचे Copy Files (कॉपी फाईल्स) टुल वापरुन  खराब झालेल्या डिस्कवरील फाईल्स  ज्या नेहमीच्या कॉपी कमांडने कॉपी करणे जवळजवळ अशक्य असते अशा फाईल्स देखिल आपण  कॉपी करु शकतोअशा फाईल्स कॉपी करताना बहुतांश संगणक हँग झाल्याचा प्रत्यय आपणास येतो आणि क्वचितच या फाईल्स कॉपी होतात यापासुन ADRC Data Recovery सॉफ्टवेअरचे Copy Files (कॉपी फाईल्सटुल आपली सुटका करते आणि शिवाय आपला डेटाही मिळवून देते.
तसेच Image Backup / Restore ( इमेज बॅकअप्/रिस्टोर), संगणकाचा बुट सेक्टर पुन्हा इम्पोर्ट करण्यासाठी उपयुक्त Boot Builder (बुटबिल्डर), डेटा कॉपी करण्यास मदत करणारे Raw Copy (रॉ कॉपी) ही टुल्स ADRC Data Recovery सॉफ्टवेअर मधे उपलब्ध आहेत. विशेष म्हणजे ADRC Data Recovery सॉफ्टवेअर तुम्हाला इंस्टॉल करावे लागत नाही फक्त डाउनलोड करा आणि तुमचे काम लगेच सुरु करा.

ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools consists of several tools for data recovery. You can easily undelete files, disk image back up or restore a backup image. You can even copy files from hard disk with bad sectors, clone disks, backup, edit and restore your boot parameters. It does not require any installation as it is a portable tool. It supports a wide variety of drives and file systems. Free

1. ADRC Data Recovery Tools - Undelete
ADRC Data Recovery Tools - Undelete helps you to recover lost and deleted data from hard drives, floppy disks, compact flash, Smart Media, Iomega Zip drives, USB drives etc…
You could undelete the files even after you have cleared the recycle bin.
It works on drives formatted in FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file-systems. It works under all windows family operating systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP.

2. ADRC Data Recovery Tools - Copy Files
This is not a normal kind of copy function. The Copy Files tool actually recovers files from disks with physical damage such propagation of bad sectors on disk. Normal windows copy will result in system being "halt" or "hang" (the infamous CRC IO errors). In this situation, Copy Files tool could come to your rescue handy.
It also features the "Copy Sub Folders" option which scans through the entire directory and attempts to copy everything you need.

3. ADRC Data Recovery Tools - Raw Copy
Raw Copy transfers the binary raw image from one drive directly to another. You could perform a disk clone backup (or if your disk is slightly faulty) and do not want perform a file by file copy. This is really ideal if you do not want to re-install the operating system. As the transfer is done in true low level binary, you could do this for drives with an unknown file system to be cloned such as game machines, Mac disk etc. With some built in recovery features, the program will try to recover data even if it is on bad sectors to ensure all or maximum data is restored from the drive.
This is a very powerful function and must be used with care. As it is a binary dump, the original data on the target drive is no longer recoverable upon completion of process.

4. ADRC Data Recovery Tools - Image Backup / Restore - Image Backup / Restore create and write disk image files to and from hard drives and any removable media.

5. ADRC Data Recovery Tools - Boot Builder
The primary function of Boot builder is to allow you to import or export the boot sector of a drive (either FAT or NTFS boot sector type). In case the boot sector is damaged due to virus or system corruption, one can easily import it back. You can even custom make your own boot sector from scratch (if you know the standard parameters) to rescue a corrupted disk.

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