Friday, December 31, 2010

BitRipper (बिटरिपर)

बिटरिपर हे वापरण्यास सोपे असे मोफत 'DVD to AVI' सॉफ्टवेअर आहे. याचा वापर करुन तुम्ही तुमच्या आवडत्या DVDs कन्व्हर्ट करुन  AVI किंवा MPEG फाईल्स म्हणुन संगणकावर सेव्ह करु शकताहे सगळ एका बटण क्लिक मधे (डिफॉल्ट सेटींग वापरुन) करता येते तसेच जर तुम्हाला व्हिडीओ/ऑडिओ च्या Video resolution,  aspect ratio इत्यादी सेटींग बदलयच्या असतील तर बिटरिपरच तुम्हाला तेही करु देते. सर्व प्रकारच्या DVD बिटरिपर वापरुन AVI म्हणून सेव्ह करता येतात. बिटरिपरचे अतिशय महत्वाचे वैशिष्ट म्हणजे on the fly conversion म्हणजेचे बिटरिपर DVD वाचतानाच तिला AVI/MPEG म्हणुन सेव्ह करण सुरु करते त्यामुळे DVD संगणकावर सेव्ह करण्याची गरज नसते आणि तुमच्या संगणकावरील बरीच gigabytes मेमरी वाचते. त्याचप्रमाणे सर्व फाईल्स(ऑडिओ आणि व्हिडीओ दोन्ही) एकाच वेळी किंवा निवडून AVI किंवा MPEG मधे कन्व्हर्ट करण्याची सुविधा बिटरिपर मधे आहे.

DVD चा बॅकअप बनविण्यासाठी उपयुक्त असलेले बिटरिपर तुमच्या संगणकावर असल्यास नक्कीच उपयुक्त ठरेल.

BitRipper is a simple, user-friendly and FREE 'DVD to AVI' software that allows to back-up DVD's as AVI or MPEG files on the hard drive. It can be used for one-click ripping just as well as for advanced one.

BitRipper Features
·         Decrypts and converts: combines the DVD decryption and conversion processes, so that you no longer have to think of these as two distinct parts requiring different programs. More convenient but also will save you a lot of time and manual involvement with the process.
·         Handles any DVD: whether its a normal 4.7 Gig size or a double density 8 Gig+ DVD. “Decryption” mentioned above means that BitRipper will copy most commercial, copy-protected DVDs (includes “3rd party” CSS decryption module.)
·         Converts on the fly: i.e. does not save the DVD to your hard drive first and therefore does not require gigabytes of free space on your hard drive to run.
·         Installer includes codecs: installing BitRipper will also install a number of codecs that you need to perform a conversion, but the program will also use any codecs that you might have pre-installed on your system.
·         Simplicity: the program is designed to suggest a simple, 1-click conversion (see screenshot above), where you merely insert a disc and press a button.
·         Ability to convert all parts of a track at once: BitRipper will allow you to select all tracks within a DVD at once. Can be very useful, especially when you want to convert all episodes of a TV series at once into a single AVI.
·         Customizable: BitRipper  is customizable to a good extent; in terms of quality, resolution, aspect ratio, and output file size.
·          Audio normalization: you can easily raise (and lower, if you like) audio volume from the main conversion interface.
·         Performance: is quite fast

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