Friday, December 31, 2010

DVDShrink (डिव्हीडी श्रिंक)

DVD Shrink ( डिव्हीडी श्रिंक) हे DVD इमेज बनविण्यासाठी उपयुक्त सॉफ्टवेअर आहे. DVD इमेज म्हणजे DVD ची रॉ-कॉपी बनवुन ती .iso किंवा तत्सम इतर फॉरमॅट मधे स्टोअर करणे. ही इमेज फाईल पुन्हा दुसर्या DVD मधे बर्न करुन ( इमेज बर्न किंवा तत्सम इतर इमेज राईटर सॉफ्टवेअरच्या मदतीने)  आपल्याला आपल्या आवडत्या DVD बॅकअप करुन ठेवता येतातडिव्हीडी श्रिंक वापरुन अगदी copy protected असलेल्या DVD ची ही इमेज बनविता येते. डिव्हीडी श्रिंक चे वैशिष्ट म्हणजे इमेज बनवत असताना मूळ DVD वरील गरजनुसार फक्त निवडक गोष्टीचा इमेज मधे समावेश करता येतो उदाहरणार्थ तुम्ही मूळ DVD मधिल बोनस गोष्टी जशा अतिरिक्त भाषे मधिल ऑडिओ इत्यादी वगळून DVD इमेज बनवू शकता.
इतर डिव्हीडी रिपर सॉफ्टवेअर पेक्षा उजवे असलेले, उत्तम, वापरण्यास सोपे असे  डिव्हीडी श्रिंक सॉफ्टवेअर नक्की वापरुन पहायला हवे.

DVD Shrink is a free program that can rip DVD’s into the hard drive and compress them, if needed, to fit on a standard 4.7-gig DVD. It will create a DVD image that can be burned into a DVD using a number of third party programs. It can also re-author DVDs to allow the creation of custom DVD program compilations.

DVD Shrink Features
·          DVD ripping : DVD shrink can read an encrypted DVD and save it to the hard drive. This is a very simple process; just press the ’backup’ button and the program will analyze your DVD and be on its way. It can read also read copy protected DVDs.
·          Compression: Using DVD Shrink you can compress your DVD into the desired size (typically 4.7 gigs for use with a standard DVD), DVD shrink will allow you to choose exactly which parts of the programs you want to include. This means you can leave out bonus features, audio data for languages that you do not want, previews and other programs, etc. (Or alternately you can choose to include everything). Theresulting DVD image (in ISO format)
·          Burning: DVD Shrink can burn the resulting DVD images by integrating with freeware programs like Imgburn or DVD Decrypter.
·          Re-Authoring: this option used to create your own compilation of programs on a DVD.
·          It has a simple, straightforward user interface.
·          Compatibility: Windows 9x/2000/XP (no info on Vista).
It's the reigning champion of its field. There are so many reasons why you should have this program on your computer. Aside from being free, fast and effective, it's easy to use, it has a clean interface and it'll get the job done. If you haven't used it yet, then grab this guy while it's still free.

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